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 The People Store


This is your time, This is your opportunity

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Get your Membership – Elevate Your Experience with The People Store

"The People Store LLC., is likened to a community, a center where people can meet and share their thoughts and information while supporting one another in accomplishing their goals, dreams, and ideals. Yes, "The People Store LLC., will give each person the chance to display and or offer or sell their businesses. products, services, and themselves to "The People Store" community will pledge to "The People Store" community that they will consider buying or using the services and products that each member is offering before supporting vendors outside of the community.


"The People Store will offer an outlet mall with many items you would want, such as women, men, children's clothing, drones, bikes, furniture, and much more. "The People Store" will provide, only with your membership, a 25% discount on all items. T members of "The People Store" community have the opportunity, the ultimate power to create anything imaginable using their creative instincts on "The People Store" website, from groceries and goods to automobiles and crafts. We provide a massive assortment of services and products to all who are there to shop'


Yes, You will be joining a community and a movement helping yourself and small businesses individuals who have products or many products or many products that they have to sell to succeed. There will be entertainment. Daily inspiration, motivation, and other ways you should be looking at your very own life. You will be able to connect to everyday people who want a small measure of success, want to make a living, and be able to afford the extras in life and accomplish or fulfill their dreams. If the shopper cannot find what they are looking for, there will be well-known stores such as Walmart, Calvin Klein, and other Department stores on "The People Store" website. Yes, you can shop all and enjoy, and you will be entertained and inspired by "The People Store" website. 

Our Mission

To give everyone the change to own an affordable e-commerce online store and be able to advertise their products, company and or services along with many more who have the same goals.

You will be joining a community, a movement that cares about you. Yes, you can trust "The People Store LLC.,(R)" because they are dependable, they will give you the guidance you need, make your life less stressful, they will show you the love and lifestyle you so desire while understanding what you will be needing along the way to success.

Whether you're a Mom who just wants to sell products to make some extra money, a small business who wants to take advantage of the advertisement or a shopper who just want to support "The People Store" Endeavors.

You will be able to shop your  products or businesses and enjoy and be entertained. You will be able to sit in the comfort of your  home and enjoy. 
Always Available 24/7.


  • Your Membership, $400.00 per/year

    Less Than $2.00 a day, less than a cup of coffee
    • Being Part Of A Community who will prove they care
    • Help, If needed (988, Love)
    • Being inspired by speakers, videos, Unknown Talent
    • Learning How To Succeed In Life, Business And Etc..
    • Being Part Of The Live, Stream Line
    • The Enlightment Channels Created To Enrich Your Life
    • 25% Off On All Products In The People Store Outlet Mall
    • Being entertained, while learning so many beneficial program
    • Showcase your, close family members talent
    • Advertise your business along with many others
    • Given the ultimate power to create anything imaginable
    • The help and support of "The People Store"
    • Joining a movement helping yourself and others
    • The network of other companies to provide services
    • Helping businesses and others to expand to their maximum
    • Given businesses knowledge and guidance
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